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Distribution of Bibles under Discipleship

The people of Uganda are very eager to read the Word of God and to be able to read it in their native language, Lumasaba, it would be of great benefit as they do their work of whole life discipleship. Many people in the communities that M:MM works in do not speak or read English, so it is of great value to have Bibles in their own language. Current project: 100 Bibles ($5 each) Goal: $500 Current amount needed to reach goal: $100

The Mission house Renovation at a Glance

The guesthouse has been one of the sources of income for the ministry of M: MM - Uganda. It consists of two houses that were formally residences for two American missionary families that started the ministry in the 1980s. These houses have limitations in serving as Mission houses. Each year, the Mission house hosts teams of students from Bethel University and North Central University. Interns and other guests come from different parts of the world to learn about whole-life discipleship among the poor. it is just that this year 2020, we haven't had teams from Bethel and North Central Universities. The specific need now is to maintain, renovate and expand these Mission houses to address the quality and increased demand for their services. All this will require $37,096 over three phases (years). Completed project: The roof/ceilings have been replaced, new walls have been built and plastered, and new door frames are in place. On- going: support is still needed for continued plastering, new flooring/tiles, paint, cupboards, the extension of the porch to serve as a meeting/living room, and appliances/electronics for the rooms. Goal: $8,000 Current amount needed to reach goal: $7,150 Go to the donate page to give today!

Phases 2 & 3 of Renovations

We want to;
1. increase the revenue so that local revenue of the guesthouses may contribute to financial sustainability of the M: MM Uganda.
2. To increase the remuneration of staff to meet all their needs so as to fully concentrate on the ministry that God has called them to – ministering to and through the poor.

3. To conduct exposure/exchange/cross visits for both the staff and the people we train in the communities, for learning/empowerment purposes.
4. To avoid running out of Mission house business because of inadequate space for those who want to do larger meetings.
5. To provide more decent and quality accommodation for our guests from all over the world, coming to learn about whole-life (wholistic) Discipleship and Community Development.
6. Hire more field staff to address the raised demand for our services, beginning with the youth program that badly needs two female trainers. (Increased funds from the Mission house will create funds that will help us to hire these additional staff) thus we will create more jobs in the Mission house for employment. Begin and establish more relationships for Kingdom expansion. Future project:
Renovation of 2nd Mission house (2021) and expanding the conference room (2022). Goal: $8,572 (in 2021) & $19,365 ( in 2022)


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