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Our Areas of focus for Wholistic Community Development!


We help people to see what food to grow and how to grow it well in order to help them eat better and feed their families as well. Since there are three growing seasons in Uganda, they are also able to grow enough food to make a profit off of the surplus of crops when they maximize their work.


M:MM Uganda does much work with preventative health care so that people don’t have to go to private hospitals as the costs of medication are too high. Communities have seen a great reduction in preventable diseases (such as diarrhea and Malaria). Additionally, in utilizing the 14 points of a healthy home, they are able to live a healthier life.

Income Generation

A practical example is how one of the youth groups received some seeds from farmers who weren’t going to use them, planted and cultivated them, then sold the crops for a profit. With that money, they purchased a chicken and materials for a fence to contain it and also used the seeds from the previous crops to grow new crops. Enough profit was earned from the eggs and new crops to be able to buy a goat, which ended up providing milk as an additional stream of income.

Spritual Care

To fully care for someone is to care for their relationship with God and with others. M:MM works to help people understand who God is through His Word and though long-term discipleship.

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We rely on the church around the world to support the work that God has called us to do in Uganda. Consider ways you can partner with us by making a donation, supporting a specific project, or other.

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Paul encourages us in Colossians 4:2-4 that we need prayer for God to open doors for the word to take root in the places we are working. Would you consider praying for us? Visit our Pray With Us page and learn more on this.

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We love having people come to serve with us, simply come to visit and learn, and to work on projects to further our ministry. Please go to the "Contact" page to connect with us and see if we can coordinate a trip for you.


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